Home Automation Battle: Google Home vs Amazon Echo

Google has just entered the Home Automation with a new product that looks set to change the market. Google Home is a wi-fi connected, voice-activated home product that enables you to get answers from Google, stream music, and control smart-home devices such as smart-led’s.

Looking like a simple speaker, Google Home appears to be quite modest in its ability, add wi-fi and it’s a little powerhouse. The device utilises Google Assistant which can act as a personalized assistant responding to questions and commands, making use of all the data Google has at its fingertips. It also integrates with Google Cast enabling playback from Spotify, Tunein, Pandora, NPR One, SoundCloud and more. It also plays well with other Chromecast devices, for example, tell Google Home what you want to watch and a YouTube video playback could be launched on your TV.



Google Home vs Amazon Echo
Amazon Echo has been on the market for some time and quite popular in the US market, becoming the best-seller in Home Automation Hubs & Controllers.


Amazon Echo offers a host of features including voice control, music streaming, audiobook playback, access to Alexa Voice Service which offers answers to questions you ask, provide news, sports and weather reports. Like Google Home it can also act as a controller for smart home devices such as WeMo, Philips Hue, Samsung SmartThings, Wink, Insteon, Nest, and ecobee smart home devices. You can even order a pizza, or book a UBER taxi.

Here’s the interesting thing in this home automation battle between Google and Amazon, the devices you add on, may not be interchangeable between the two controllers. Meaning that once you start with one or other, you may have to stick with it unless you want to change all the devices you added post-purchase that link with that particular controller.

How to decide which one to buy? The devices themselves as a standalone are not much, it’s all about what they connect to. So, it depends on the services you use now and are comfortable with into the future, plus, what devices you’d like to add into the home and be controllable by that device.

You can find out more about Google Home here: home.google.com and for direct from manufacturer alternatives check out our own Smart Home category.

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