Rungu Electric Juggernaut Bike

Like cycling? Like tough terrain? Like riding so far that you need a motor assist to get you back? Well, say hello to the Rungu Electric Juggernaut Bike. You’ll love our selection of electric bikes and scooters straight from the manufacturers and wholesalers but the Rungu is a completely new breed of animal. Purpose built for the off-roader and flexible enough to still handle the daily commute. Check out more at

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Secure Bike Storage: AIRLOK’s Bike Storage Hanger

He’s a cool new item on Kickstarter, solving that common problem of where to put the bike and how to secure it. The Airlok lockable hanger, which affixes to the wall and features a non-pickable lock solves just that, simply and effectively.

Available via Kickstarter. More direct from manufacturer and wholesaler Cycling Gear.

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