Pepo Popsicle Watermelon Slicer

Who doesn’t like ice-creams? Who likes getting fat? Oh.. Who likes eating healthy? How about healthy, yummy icy-poles? Guess you’ll need to go get a big juicy watermelon from woolies and a Pepo Watermelon Slicer from Amazon.

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Easy Rocking Garlic Press Tool

We know garlic has fantastic nutritional properties, but how many people skip garlic simply because it’s a pain to prepare? Not anymore, check out this fantastic little kitchen must have:

It’s Easy Rocking Garlic Press Tool, available from Amazon

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Be the BBQ King this Summer with Searzall

If there is something we all hate, it’s dried out meat with no flavor, seriously it’s more enjoyable to eat leather. Throwdown a piece of juicy, melt-in-your-mouth steak with nice charring on the outside, oh my, get me a bucket for the drooling.

That’s where Searzall comes into it. It’s the tool to put those finishing touches on that lovely lump of meat and give it some real flavor. Searzall attaches to the end of a blowtorch and is designed to provide an even flame across whatever food item you’re trying to sear. It can even be used for bruleeing, crisping a meringue, or grilling cheese.

You can get the Searzall via Amazon

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