Australia’s Top Ten Agriculture Exports

Australia is famous for “riding on the sheep back” in reference to the long period of prosperity the country enjoyed from wool sales which was later replaced by minerals, coal and iron ore as breadwinner exports. Regardless, agriculture is still a massive part of Australian exports and here are the top ten agriculture products exported in 2019/20.

  1. Beef

    The top three import markets are Greater China (inc. Taiwan and Hong Kong), USA, and Japan. Australia produces only 4% of global beef production, but accounts for around 16% of world trade and has consistently been one of the top three largest exporters for several decades according to the Meat & Livestock Assoc. of Australia.

    Value: $8.1b 2019/20

  2. Wheat

    Australia produces about 25 million tonnes of wheat per year, 65-75% of which goes to export, accounting for 3.5 per cent of annual global production. Western Australia and New South Wales are the largest production states. The largest import markets for Australian wheat are Indonesia, Vietnam, the Philippines, and China.

    Value: $3.82b 2019/20

  3. Wine

    Australia exports a staggering 800+bn litres of wine a year with most of it going to China, USA, UK, and Canada.

    Value: $3.02b 2019/20

  4. Lamb

    Total lamb exports for the 2019 year-to-November were 258,000 tonnes, up 5 percent on 2018. Major destinations for Australian lamb are China, USA, and the UAE.

    Value: $2.42b 2019/20

  5. Wool

    Australia remains the world’s number one producer of premium quality fine wool, and is the largest producer of all wools by value and volume. NSW and VIC are the largest producers.

    Value: $2.37b 2019/20

  6. Barley

    According to AEGIC, Australia is a dominant player in world barley export markets, representing 30-40 percent of the world’s malting barley trade and 20 percent of the feed barley trade. Major import markets for Australian barley are China, Japan, and Kuwait.

    Value: $2.11b 2019/20

  7. Sugar

    Around  80%-85%  of Australia’s sugar production is exported with the bulk being grown in QLD and a small amount in NSW. The top markets for Australian sugar are South Korea, Indonesia, Japan and Malaysia.

    Value: $1.53b 2019/20

  8. Live Feeder/Slaughter Cattle

    In 2019, exports totaled 1.3 million head with Indonesia being the largest market followed by Vietnam and China.

    Value: $1.12b 2019/20

  9. Mutton

    Mutton exports reached 164,000 tonnes for the year with China being the main market for Australian mutton taking almost half of the exports.

    Value: $1.08b 2019/20

  10. Canola

    Australian canola makes up 15–20 percent of the world’s export trade with the main markets for Australian canola being the EU, Japan, and China.

    Value: $1.03b 2019/20

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