About Confer

Confer’s aim is simple: To introduce exciting new products and connect you directly to the source.

Why Confer?
My name is Rod L’Huillier, and it’s my personal belief, and that of many, that the global consumer marketplace is changing, but I’m sure you probably already know that. Many years people were frightened of buying online, today, who would dare consider buying anything without first opening there internet browser. I have been travelling in Asia for over four years and have witnessed first hand the global manufacturing bases of the worlds top selling consumer goods. I can tell you, it’s really eye opening.

What confronted me at first was the scale of operations, particularly in China, but also the disparity in pricing. What leads to this disparity?

Simply, too many hands and expensive business models.

The generic path of an item from it’s factory gate to the retail shelf is quite interesting. When a product leaves the factory gate, a markup is added, then it’s in the hands of a local trade agent, another markup is added, then it’s in the hands of an international sourcing agent, another markup is added, then, the retailer must add their markup, plus marketing and distribution costs.

There’s at least three people taking people taking profits after the manufacturer, plus, a whole lot of extra costs that need to be added like marketing and expensive shop rents.

Wouldn’t it be better if you could just buy directly from the origin?

That’s why I started Confer.

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Note: for product inquiries & support, please inquire direct with the supplier 🙂

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