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ConferIn a nutsell: Confer is about connecting you directly to the manufacturer or wholesaler of a select range of innovative and value-for-money products.

It’s an Australian based site, featuring manufacturers and wholesalers based throughout China & Asia. Our team, which includes myself is based in Australia and China giving us a clear perspective on what products the market is looking for, and where the leading manufacturers of those products are based.

Using our site is simple, if you have found a product you like, simply click on the the large orange button and you’ll be directed to that manufacturer, or wholesalers, main online commerce portal, which can be via AliExpress, Alibaba, Banggood, DHGate or others. The benefit of these portals is that they offer buyer protection in case of delivery problems or product issues, which is important to have on your side.

How much can you save? It really depends on what your buying, in some cases that can be greater than 50% over what you may pay for an equivalent name brand product. I guess you can almost think it’s like Aldi in some ways. The difference is, we connect you with that wholesaler/manufacturer and you can speak with them directly and even negotiate your own deal. Also, remember, many will also accept custom orders and bulk orders, it’s up to you what you want to negotiate.

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What showroom car does 10.9 sec 1/4 mile and has 750HP? Meet the 2017 Shelby Super Snake

If you love Mustangs, then you are going to love this. The Shelby Super Snake 50th Anniversary Edition is about to hit showroom floors in the US. It’s celebrating the iconic 1967 Shelby GT500 Super Snake. But you better be quick as only 500 are set to be made.

The most staggering point about this vehicle is not it’s evergreen classic styling, it’s long list of features or the unique opportunity to buy a piece of motoring history, no no no…

Read this, 750HP and 10.9 second 1/4 mile of the showroom floor.

You can read that again if you like, squint your eyes and then read it again.

The first option is the supercharged ‘Coyote’ V8 which produces 670 horsepower, but, if you really like to shred tyres, go for the upgraded supercharger option which delivers a staggering 750HP.

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The Stepladder Chair from Victorinox

This is what you get when you design a chair while looking at a Swiss Army Knife, and it’s just plain cool.

Find out more at

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The Amazing Phaser 1 Electric Bike

Is this the bike of the future? All-electric, 110MPH capable, CNC machined aluminium body. It can hit almost 100KM on single charge, so it’s definately an urban cruiser. Want one? Go direct and visit:

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Liquid Co. Essentialist Wallet

Bottle opener, keys, USB, cards in an aluminum grade 6061 body that blocks out RFID signals, keeping your credit cards safe from skimming devices, that’s the Liquid Co. Essentialist Wallet. Get it direct from

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Home Automation Battle: Google Home vs Amazon Echo

Google has just entered the Home Automation with a new product that looks set to change the market. Google Home is a wi-fi connected, voice-activated home product that enables you to get answers from Google, stream music, and control smart-home devices such as smart-led’s.

Looking like a simple speaker, Google Home appears to be quite modest in its ability, add wi-fi and it’s a little powerhouse. The device utilises Google Assistant which can act as a personalized assistant responding to questions and commands, making use of all the data Google has at its fingertips. It also integrates with Google Cast enabling playback from Spotify, Tunein, Pandora, NPR One, SoundCloud and more. It also plays well with other Chromecast devices, for example, tell Google Home what you want to watch and a YouTube video playback could be launched on your TV.



Google Home vs Amazon Echo
Amazon Echo has been on the market for some time and quite popular in the US market, becoming the best-seller in Home Automation Hubs & Controllers.


Amazon Echo offers a host of features including voice control, music streaming, audiobook playback, access to Alexa Voice Service which offers answers to questions you ask, provide news, sports and weather reports. Like Google Home it can also act as a controller for smart home devices such as WeMo, Philips Hue, Samsung SmartThings, Wink, Insteon, Nest, and ecobee smart home devices. You can even order a pizza, or book a UBER taxi.

Here’s the interesting thing in this home automation battle between Google and Amazon, the devices you add on, may not be interchangeable between the two controllers. Meaning that once you start with one or other, you may have to stick with it unless you want to change all the devices you added post-purchase that link with that particular controller.

How to decide which one to buy? The devices themselves as a standalone are not much, it’s all about what they connect to. So, it depends on the services you use now and are comfortable with into the future, plus, what devices you’d like to add into the home and be controllable by that device.

You can find out more about Google Home here: and for direct from manufacturer alternatives check out our own Smart Home category.

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Ambienta Living Table Lamp

Designed by French designer and architect Daniel Pouzet, Ambienta uses hydroponic technology to provide your living space with the calming effects of nature.

Get it direct from

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NRG Casio Carbon X Prize and the CO2 Shoe

NRG’s Sneaker Composed of Repurposed CO2: A shoe without an environmental footprint by the XPRIZE-affiliate energy organization. Learn more here at

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Rungu Electric Juggernaut Bike

Like cycling? Like tough terrain? Like riding so far that you need a motor assist to get you back? Well, say hello to the Rungu Electric Juggernaut Bike. You’ll love our selection of electric bikes and scooters straight from the manufacturers and wholesalers but the Rungu is a completely new breed of animal. Purpose built for the off-roader and flexible enough to still handle the daily commute. Check out more at

Intro Video

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FishHunter PRO, The APP Connected Wireless Portable Fish Finder

The FishHunter Pro is a Wi-fi enabled gadget that floats on the surface of the water, giving you real-time sonar information connecting with an app on your smartphone. It has a depth range of 45m, and a horizontal range of 50m, with a battery life of up to 10 hours. Get the FishHunter Pro via

Video Intro:

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The Evo 43 Yacht

It looks like as platform shoe inspired Bond boat, and perhaps that is what makes the Evo 43 Yacht so desirable. But let’s not stop there, it also packs an extendable rear beach area, a double bed, bathroom, a double cabin and storage area. Discover more at

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Onak Foldable Canoe

Seriously, it’s a foldable canoe, made from a thermo‐formable, honeycomb‐curv composite material. Weighing in at 16KG the Onak Foldable Canoe can carry a respectable 200KG. Fold it up to 119cm x 38cm x 25cm rectangle and whack it in ya boot, then, whack it back together again, and in 10 minutes you can be paddling down the river. Get it here

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The GoPro Karma Drone

Strap on your Hero4 or new Hero5 and get aerial. It’s GoPro’s first drone and it looks like a winner. A quadcopter with 3-axis gimbal, coming with its own controller plus there’s also an app for third party viewing and camera control.

Go direct to GoPro for latest prices, and keep an eye on this Amazon page for breaking deals. For alternatives, such as DJI, check out our Drones category for China based manufacturers and wholesalers.

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The Amazing New GoPro Hero5 (and where to get a deal)

Say hello to the amazing new GoPro Hero5. It’s the latest version of the camera that began it all and has been the market leading action camera ever since.

There are two models, The GoPro Hero5 Black, and the smaller more nimble GoPro Hero Session plus also new is the Karma Drone.

There’s a bunch of cool new features on offer including voice control, if you’re hot on the handle bars simply say the word and the GoPro Hero5 will take that snapshot for you. It also features a two-inch touch screen display on the Hero5 Black allowing for in-camera editing and playback.

There’s a whole a lot more, and you can get the full rundown from GoPro.

Where to get Deals?

You can Buy Direct from the GoPro Shop. Remembering that GoPro has an international warranty,  it gives piece of mind no matter where you purchase. Also, keep an eye on this page for when deals break on Amazon.

In Australia, for sure Harvey Norman and JB HiFi are going to be clambering to get them on the shelf, but keep your eye on those sites mentioned earlier for real deals, also keep an eye on CameraSky,  and especially Kogan.

Features of the GoPro Hero5

Waterproof to 33ft (10m) without a housing
2-Inch Touch Display
One-Button Control
Advanced Video Stabilization
30+ GoPro mounts and accessories, including Karma™, 3-Way™, Remo and more.
Automatically upload photos and videos directly to the cloud
4K video
12MP photos
Single, Burst, and Time Lapse modes
WDR photo mode
RAW Photos
On-screen Exposure Control
Stereo Audio
GPS Location capture
Advanced Wind Noise Reduction


For GoPro alternatives, we’ve got more suppliers in the Action Cameras category and there are lists for GoPro accessories here.

Pics: The Hero5 Session



More pics of the Hero5 Black:

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Is this the end of smelly camping weekends? Hello Simple Shower

Simple and effective, this clever bit of kit turns and one or two-litre bottle into an outback shower. Camping, trekking, hiking, fishing, whatever, just pack this one in the bag and you’ll come home smelling like roses. Get the Simple Shower via Amazon.

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Cinebody iPhone Super8 Case

Turn your iPhone into a camera classic. All be it with classic styling of days past, the Cinebody Super8 case is packed with features including its own microphone, a trigger for recording control, a focusing eyepiece, and interchangeable 58mm lenses. It also has an app, which allows control of exposure, frame rate, and focus.

You can get it direct from Check out more manufacturer and wholesaler direct iPhone accessories.

See the video:

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MyKee the Brushed Titanium Multi-Tool


This is quite an amazing little tool, super-functional, and ultra-convenient. MyKee is an 18-in-1 tool made from military grade 5 titanium.

Let’s step through what this amazing must have can do:

Blade & Claw
The blade is capable of being a letter opener, seal opener, box opener, cuticle pusher, pill splitter, lotto scratcher, carrot peeler and a tag popper.

Bottle Opener & Hex Set
Hex set includes: 10mm | 8mm | 6.3mm | 6mm | 4mm. Incorporation of the 6.3mm and 4mm hex wrenches allows users to use small and standard size screw bits with MyKee.

You can get MyKee via Amazon

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LVL the Wearable Hydration Monitor

With fitness trackers and health monitors becoming almost ubiquitous here’s something that’s been missing, a hydration monitor. I’m not going bang on like some new age health guru, I’m sure it’s a no-brainer to you that drinking an adequate amount of liquid is essential.

It also includes the features of many health trackers and you can find out more via it’s Kickstarter page

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Secure Bike Storage: AIRLOK’s Bike Storage Hanger

He’s a cool new item on Kickstarter, solving that common problem of where to put the bike and how to secure it. The Airlok lockable hanger, which affixes to the wall and features a non-pickable lock solves just that, simply and effectively.

Available via Kickstarter. More direct from manufacturer and wholesaler Cycling Gear.

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When do we go for a ride? The Jeep Rock Rat Is A 700 HP Mad Max Contender.

Jeep fans are going to go wild over this one, so to the rock climber crew. Using a design based on a 1947 Willy’s CJ2A body Haük Designs has created the Rock Rat. A 700Hp Rock Rat with 44 inch tyres to be precise.

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